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Suade and Zeph had a litter, to see more click BABIES

This is Momma Suade and Daddy Zephyr with baby Rio.

This is here SUADE to see suades amazing colour changes

This is Shadow, she now has cancer

Although I have an allergy to these animals I decided that there was no way that I was going to live without them! I got a new rat on december the 27th out of a feeder bin at a pet store. Shadow however is not impressed with this extremely moody new rat and so I got a new friend for Suade a young blue male named Zephyr. Unfortunately there has been a new turn of events, it now apppears that Suade the hermaphrodite rat is in fact much more confusing could it get??

Why to get a rat

For anyone who is looking for a pet I have to say that rats are one of the best small animals that you can get, they are so full of personality it is amazing. They are easy to care for as they don't need a lot of room and they are easy to clean. They are really inexpensive and they are very loving creatures. My favorite rat was a rat named wisdom who I had from birth and when he was out he would come up to my neck to get cuddles, he was the most amazing pet I have ever had and WAY more loving than even the dogs that I have.

What do I need for a rat?

You need a few things. First I would sugest that you make sure that you have enough time. Rats need a lot of interaction and are not like fish that can just be left in their bowl. They need to come out and play, get excercise and have lots of different things to do. They need a cage. I used to use guinea pig cages but I have found that they need a little more room than that so that they can run around. They like to climb and jump and have levels in their cage, they also enjoy little houses made of whatever you would like to create them out of. The more creative you get the happier they will be!Rats like to do things. My rat has a very large cage and she is taken out every day to hang out and run around

What are the negative aspects of having a rat?

The thing that I found to be the most negative aspect of having a rat is that they have a very short lifespan. In the 10years that I have had rats the longest I have had one live to has been almost four years and that was Seti. Of the twelve rats that were really mine only three of them did not die of cancer. Those are pretty slim odds. They CHEW, you cannot leave them unattended without finding things that are chewed to smitherines. They are very destructive if left to their own devices

Rats together

Putting rats together can be a touchy subject! Rats are great little pets and love company but you have to know rat language and understand what is a rat fight and what is a play for dominence. Putting two females together in my experience is not a problem. I have only had one problem and that was with a year old dominent rat that was not interested in having a friend with her at all , so she lived happily alone all her life. I would recomend introducing two rats together on neutral ground, say the bathroom floor where they can meet eachother without feeling threatened. After doing this a few times clean out the cage they are going to share, make sure everything is cleaned and then place them in together. Make sure you are close and able to supervise. Sometimes you will be surprised and they will hit it off and that will be that, but other times they may not and it may take a while untill they get to know one another. I introduced a pair of rats to another pair and they all lived together(all females) and they were all of different ages. When it comes to two males it is a little more tricky. I have never introduced two adult males as I think this would be risky but I have introduced two males from separate litters and they got on very well, in fact they were inseperable throughout their lives.


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